Slow down, for whatever you really want will be there when you get there if you work toward it without stress, without pressing. If proceeding under God’s guidance and His smooth and unhurried tempo, it is not there, then it was not supposed to be there. If you miss it, perhaps you should have missed it. So definitely seek to develop a normal, natural God-ordered pace. (Anonymous)

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Of Corruption and Poverty



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The slogan “Kung Walang Kurap, Walang Mahirap” (If there is no corruption, there will be no poverty) has become a very successful political slogan that catapulted a number political allies of the current government into power. The slogan conjures a strong connection between poverty and corruption. Linking corruption and poverty convey images of people in power getting rich while most continue to live in their impoverish state.

In the Philippines, the incidence of poverty is most evident in the rural areas where almost 80 percent of the country’s poor people live, accounting to more than one-third of the country’s 88 million population. It is in these areas where those considered poorest of the poor live as they are the ones who have least access to business opportunities and basic public services which further pushed them to remain economically strapped with only a few alternatives for livelihood.  Furthermore, literary rate is low in areas where poverty is high which made these poor people often more vulnerable to exploitation. Even more poignant reality is that those areas in the country with high incidence of poverty are the same areas where corruption is prevalent.


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Although corruption is not solitary root of poverty in the country, there is a great need for all of us to stand up and do our share in eradicating corruption in our system. The recent scandals involving the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of the senators and representatives should be a wake-up call for us to stand together and push for reforms to reclaim the basic rights which should have been accorded to every citizen of this country and not just to a limited few who are holding the reins of power. 



Group of senators might be real brains behind ‘pork’ scam – Santiago Read more: Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

Group of senators might be real brains behind ‘pork’ scam – Santiago Read more: Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

Sleep is not expendable.

The Waiting

A few days ago, Rara wrote this post about blogging in her sleep, and I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy over her proclivity to sleepwalk her way to her keyboard and pound out words. The only thing I do in my sleep is dream about going back to high school and riding elevators naked. If I could literally write in my sleep, I would spam you guys way more than I do now, but trust me, it would be worth it. I would probably break out some f-words and tell you things that would make my mom damn the day I learned to read and write.

I can sacrifice a lot of things in my life in an effort to streamline my days and maximize my time. I don’t feel bad cutting the corners on feeding my family and making a thirty-minute meal into a ten-minute meal…

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